Pet Portrait- Chesapeake Bay Retriever


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General Appearance
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a powerful, muscular retriever with a slightly wavy, rather short coat that comes in shades of brown, red or tan ranging from a dead-grass-straw color to a deep dark brown with red overtones. Solid colors are preferred, but some white is permitted on the chest and feet. Both the harsh outer coat and dense wooly undercoat are oily for water-repellence. The head is round and broad with a medium stop and muzzle. The lips are thin. The small ears hang down and the eyes are yellowish colored. The tail is 12-15 inches (30-37 cm.) long. The forelegs should be straight with good bone. The hindquarters are especially strong and the toes webbed since excellent swimming ability is important for the Chesapeake. Dewclaws on the rear legs should definitely be removed. Removal of the front dewclaws is optional, but highly recommended if the dog will be used in the field.


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