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General Appearance
The Clumber Spaniel is a massive dog. The chest is broad and deep. It has a broad square head, wide across the top with a brownish or flesh colored nose. It has a deep stop and well developed lips. The muzzle is wide for good retrieving. The flews hang over the lower jaw. The eyes are dark amber and are slightly deep set, ears are large in the shape of vine leaves, hanging forward, and well covered with hair. The neck is thick, heavy, and feathered at the throat, and the tail is short-fringed. Dewclaw removal is optional. Carried level with the back, shoulders are robust and muscular. Limbs are short, straight and strong-boned. Its hair is thick, straight and silky in pure white with lemon or orange markings. They have a feathered coat and their tails are customarily docked, however docking is illegal in most of the European countries. Coat color is predominantly white, with either lemon or orange markings.

Size, Proportion, Substance
The Clumber Spaniel is described as a gentle, sweet, quite intelligent and pleasant dog. Among the most low-key and easygoing of the hunting breeds. They are very affectionate and playful. Well-behaved, and not very active when mature. Clumbers will get along with other dogs and cats as well as other household animals if they are raised with them. They tend to be a one person dog and can be a bit willful. Clumbers are usually trustworthy with children of the family, but they do not make friends easily with strangers. Do not expect them to be friends with everyone, but they should never be timid or hostile. This breed is a gentle person's dog; they do not take well to heavy-handed discipline. They simply will not respond to it. This dog has a good memory and it likes to do things to please its master, therefore training is not usually difficult. As puppies, they may be submissive urinators. Clumber spaniels can be used as hunting dogs. They prefer to hunt for pheasant and partridges, take naturally to retrieving, and are good water dogs. Make sure you have good chew toys for them to chew.

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