Pet Portrait- Finnish Spitz


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General Appearance
With his pointed muzzle, perked ears and glorious golden-red to honey-colored double coat, the Finnish Spitz looks quite a bit like a fox. The nose and lips are black and the eyes are dark and almond-shaped. The erect, pointed ears open towards the front of the dog. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The topline is level from the withers to the croup and the deep chest reaches to the elbows. The feet are round and cat-like. The plumed tail curls up over the back and down the side. The dog's body is squarish, with a proud carriage. The coat consists of thick, erect, medium-length hair with a thick under-layer of straight hair. The color may be red-brown, or a yellowish-red. Small white markings are permissible. Puppies are born much darker and acquire their reddish coat later.

Size, Proportion, Substance
The Finnish Spitz is brave, friendly, lively and alert. A playful rascal, it enjoys and demands affection and attention. Patience is required for obedience training. They are very protective. The Finnish Spitz is renowned as a hunting dog, and also makes a great companion for family members of all ages, especially children and older adults. They are slow to mature, only reaching their complete adult form at 3 to 4 years of age. It is a breed aware of its place in the dominance hierarchy, and some males can try to be domineering and tend to be fairly dog aggressive. Reserved and even somewhat aloof with strangers, but generally good with other pets. This breed is lively and curious, though not overwhelmingly so. They are loyal to their own families but do follow their handler's orders slavishly. The Finnish Spitz is a dog that requires much patience and understanding, together with a consistent manner. If these elements go into its training it can be a very satisfactory pet. Visitors will be announced, but that is all, it is no defender. This breed is called the "barking bird dog" of Finland. In contests these dogs have been known to bark up to 160 times a minute! The Finnish Spitz has been bred for centuries to emphasize the barking behavior. He also makes many other vocalizations, so if a lot of noise will drive you crazy, don't get one of these dogs. The barking can particularly be a problem if the dog must stay outside for any length of time, as he will bark with each and every new event.

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